Carbon Shroud for the Walther Rotex

The tech23 Carbon Shroud for the Walther Rotex is now officially available.
Through innovative detail solutions the Rotex Carbon Shroud improves the shooting experience in many ways!

Walther Rotex RM8 Carbon Shroud -Carbon Barrelshroud with integrated silencerfor the Walther Rotex

 The tech23 Carbon Shroud is a high effective and light weight silencer with integrated 4 stage silencer. Specially developed for the Walther Rotex RM8.

  • for Cal. 4.5 mm (. 177) and 5.5 mm (. 22)
  • effective 4 stage system with best noise reduction
  • 4th chamber behind the muzzle - over the barrel
  • spring-loaded aluminium damping Elements
  • uses the volume over the entire length for sound attenuation
  • Length approx. 40 cm-makes the Rotex only 10 cm longer
  • no influence of precision - by short way the pellet has tp pass into the silencer
  • light weight-under 110g! - makes the heavy Rotex not noticeable heavier
  • very stable and durable due to genuine carbon and aluminium parts
  • clean optics - fits perfectly into the design concept of the Walther Rotex
  • fits on all Walther Rotex RM8 models (sports, Varmint...)
  • Exclusively available here

*Please take care of the gun laws in your country and shoot save!

*In Deutschland nur an der freien Luftdruckwaffe mit F im Fünfeck erlaubnisfrei.


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UK customers please choose "Vereinigtes Königreich" as your country in the checkout process!

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protects your ears and keeps peace with the neighbors


The highly efficient 4-chamber system has three damping chambers in front - and a fourth behind the muzzle - over the barrel. The extraordinarily large total volume allows a very good noise reduction. The three chambers of the front part are formed by two spring-mounted damping elements. These gently slow down the incoming compressed air and lead it partially into the rear compartment.

always bullseye


The only 10 cm long way, the diabolo has to pass inside the damping elements - mounted on springs and the high quality of the individual components contribute to the fact that the trajectory is not adversely affected. It keeps your Airgun acurate as you know and love it it.

extremely light


Despite its compact design, the Walther Rotex compressed air rifle - regardless of which stock variant - is not a lightweight. It´s almost 4 kg. That's why we've created a perfect barrel shroud with muffler function that does not significantly increase the weight of the Rotex.By using high tech materials such as Carbon and aluminum, we have managed to keep the weight of the Rotex Carbon Shroud under 110g! This would be unthinkable with an outer tube made of aluminum or even steel. The outer shell of the Tech23 Carbon Shroud, despite its incredibly low weight, is extremely stiff, vibration-damping and feels incredibly good.

compact and reliable

The tech23 Rotex Carbon Shroud consists of a total of 9 individual parts and the highest quality materials such as genuine carbon (CFK) and aluminum. With a total length of just over 40 cm and a diameter of 25 mm, it extends the rifle by only 10 cm! 75% of the Rotex Carbon Schroud are simply pushed over the barrel - inside is the thread - hand-tighten - ready. Thus, the Walther Rotex with the noble look and feel of the Carbon Shroud forms a sexy, compact overall concept that will last for a long time.

* In Germany only allowed on the free air pressure weapon (<7,5 Joule) with F in the pentagon. Before mounting, please check the weapon and silencer laws in your country and take care of it.