magholder for the Umarex HDR50 CO2 Revolver




Achtung die Trommeln sind nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten - bitte separat bestellen!

Attention the drums are not included in the scope of delivery - please order separately!



stabiles, speziell für den Umarex t4e HDR50 CO2 Revolver entwickeltes Design.

stable design specially developed for the Umarex t4e HDR50 CO2 revolver




With this double mag holder, you've always mounted 3 loaded magazines directly on the marker

holds 2 Umarex HDR50 drum mags (not includet)

the magazines are easy to insert and remove

T23-412 sits safely with the magical click



This year we have developed over 100 different bullet designs and accessories for T4e and Magfed weapons.

In order to be able to offer download files and packages to all 3D print fans.

We offer the files gradually on Take a look at this page!

Hier ein paar Beispiele

Here are a few examples - stay tuned!!






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1x Slugmaker´s best T23-412 double Magholder


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.stl download:

Download STL file double magholder for Umarex HDR50 / TR50 co2 Revolver Slugmaker´s bestT23-412 • Model to 3D print ・ Cults (

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