Casting mold for the production of 12 high-quality projectiles for the Umarex T4E HDR 50 Revolver


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For the production of Hotglue Slugs also requires:


ü  A hot glue gun for 11mm hot glue sticks (the more powerful the better)


ü  conventional 11mm hot glue sticks (available in white, black and red)


ü  Oil as a release agent (prevents the sticking of the projectiles and allows easy removal of the cooled slugs) It can be used almost any oil. Silicone oil is just as suitable as conventional sunflower oil from the kitchen. Food oil has the great advantage that it is non-toxic, which makes handling much more comfortable.)


ü  Cotton swabs or pipe cleaners for applying the oil


ü  Round balls (steel BBs or coppered lead round balls cal.4,5 or 4,4mm) These seal the molds and form the rocket tips as a single ball or 6-ball buckshot. Copper-plated lead balls are much better suited for the production of Buckshot slugs due to the higher weight.

      üA cutter knife with a new, sharp blade Attention! Always keep cutter knives out of reach of Children!




1.         Place the Slugmaker.5012 on a heat-resistant flat working pad


2.         Turn on the hot glue gun and let it heat up fully (the mass must be squeezed out in a liquid manner!)


3.         Only wet the inside surfaces with oil (A thin oil film is absolutely sufficient as a release agent.)


4.         Place one (for slugs with metal tip) or six (for Buckshot Slugs) balls in the shapes


5.         Fill the 12 moulds with hot glue. The mass must be filled about 2-3mm over the edge, as the hot glue shrinks when cooled! Pay attention to an even and bubble-free insert "from bottom to top" -> Exercise makes the master!
Attention! The Slugmaker is now up to 200°C hot – risk of combustion!


6.         Allow the slugmaker to cool to room temperature. To speed up the cooling, place the slugmaker in cold water.


7.         Set the cutter knife flat on the slugmaker and cut off the protruding mass.
Attention! Cutter knives are very sharp and therefore potentially dangerous! Always work "away from the body"! Always cut in such a way that the blade cannot hit your hands/body even when sliding off

Push out the finished slugs with the help of the supplied pen.

Here is a tutorial from a norwegian friend Rune Rebel. He explains how to use the Slugmaker and checks out the different types of Slugs you can make with it.